My name is Christina Cate. I'm 42 years old, grew up in Scio, Oregon where I have decided to raise my children, and remain near my parents. In 2009 I married my husband, Jason Cate, who also has a family with a love and involvement of horses for many generations. I have three children who also enjoy the love of the outdoors and horses. I also enjoy camping, riding on the dunes, hiking, being in the forest, watching Viking shows, and learning about history and ancestry.


I graduated from Oregon State University where I received my first bachelor's degree in Forest Management with a minor in Equine Science in 2005, and the 2nd degree in Rangeland Ecosystem Management in 2016. I have a career as a federal employee to help support my family and equine endeavors. Within this career I've been a Forestry Technician doing timber sale layout, a Forester planning timber sales among other duties, a Civil Engineer Technician planning forest roads for timber sales, and a FAMS (asset management) data steward. Throughout this time, I've always continued to train horses to some extent.


I was born with horses in my blood and they have always been my passion in life.  

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My Story

I come from a strong family history of horse ownership and training. The love, passion and pride for horses have been passed down through the generations and now to my 3 children. I've owned and ridden horses my entire life, and started training in 1989. I've primarily owned Tennessee Walking horses, Quarter horses, and Paints, but have had other breeds and grade horses as well. I've worked with many different horses of all ages, genders, and various breeds. Some horses have come with issues such as lack of trust or spooky, perhaps even abused, some are just being started under saddle, some had zero ground manners, and others just needed fine tuning. 

While in college, around 2002, I began learning reining, cutting, and working cow horse under Christian and Elizabeth Rammerstorfer. Christian is now an international NRHA judge and continues to train and compete in reining competitions. I also take opportunities to learn from other trainers at various clinics, which have included Wil Howe (basic training), Northwest Horse Expo (various clinicians; multiple topics and methods), Western States Stock Horse (various clinicians; reining, working cow, ranch trail, ranch pleasure), Christian Rammerstorfer (reining), Clinton Anderson (several times; all levels of training & a variety of topics), Kevin Semmel (sorting) and mountain trail. I also utilize reading books, trainer websites, you tube, and anything that I feel is helpful. 

I started competing in my youth in the 4H program and at open schooling shows. In 2003 I began competing at NWBC/ABRA shows in reining and gaming events, earning points on my mare, Docs Love N Joy. After graduating college and starting a career, I was able to expand and attend more local playdays, open horse shows, NWBC/ABRA shows, WSSH shows, and others of interest. I've also recently started attending team penning and sorting events.

In 2022 I plan to compete in the NWBC/ABRA series events with my stallion, Bux Dunit Commando. I will be attending the local Scio Buckaroos playdays and horse shows to help support my local community. I would like to begin attending OBRA barrel races and events with my mare, Willow. Ranch horse events and Mountain trail competition are also in my plans. As time allows, I hope to attend other clinics and events to continue growing my knowledge and experience in various disciplines and associations. 

 The majority of training and lessons that I've provided have been to my friends, family, 4H, and OHSET athletes.  I'm helping coach my OHSET athletes in the disciplines of western equitation, english equitation, dressage, working pairs, individual gaming events, team gaming events, sorting, reining, trail, showmanship, and in-hand obstacle relay. I have recently decided to extend horse training services to others. 

My competition experience:

  • American Buckskin Registry Assn. (ABRA) 

  • Northwest Buckskin Club (NWBC)

  • Western States Stock Horse (WSSH)

  • All-Breed Horse Challenge at the NW Horse Expo for 2 years

  • Playdays

  • Open Schooling Shows

  • OHSET (coach)

  • 4H (both as a youth member & adult leader)

Competition Disciplines

  • Western pleasure

  • Western equitation

  • English pleasure

  • English equitation

  • Trail

  • Ranch trail

  • Working Cow Horse

  • Reining

  • Ranch pleasure

  • Barrel racing

  • Pole bending

  • Other various gaming events (too many to list)

  • Bareback 

  • Timed obstacle course challenge


I'm always looking for new opportunities to help both people and horses. Let's connect!