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SageBarsPaisleySupreme - aka "Pie"
(Sage Bar Supreme x Sheza Tari Pistol)

02/2015 bay/brown AQHA mare
14 hands

Pie is available for a Free Care Lease as a broodmare only. She is currently unsound due to a torn meniscus, with plans on getting her surgery to repair it once college is finished.

She has been shown and knows her ground manners quite well. She's a dominant mare in a herd but not aggressive. She's an excellent mother and it seems to be her favorite thing in life. With one foal on the ground, she has definitely out produced herself. Her colt is amazing in every way with perfect conformation, big bones, refined head, smart, and easy going. 

Good with feet, clipping, bathing, trailering, stalling, tying, used to farm equipment, dogs, kids, drones, motorcycles, rc cars, loud noises, sudden movements, plastic bags, and more! She's currently picking up weight, but is still in need of some groceries.   


For Sale

Dunalino Colt (Bux Dunit Commando x Fantacy Girl)
Born 4/19/2022
AQHA papers pending - "Magnabux"

Magnus (Norse name for "powerhouse") is a sweet, friendly colt that is correctly built in every way. He has shown natural stops, balance, intelligence, and athletic ability. His disposition is more laid back than the others foals this year and should make an excellent ranch versatility, trail, or other type of performance horse. This colt is going to be built like a brick house! Should mature 15 hands and will be thick. If I didn't already own his sire, he would be a keeper!



Palomino Colt (Bux Dunit Commando x Worthy of a Cowgirl)
Born 5/7/2022
AQHA - "Bux Dunit Peppy"

Sigurd (Norse name for "guiding a victory") goes back to Hollywood Dunit, who is just barely off of the registration papers. This boy is packed with athleticism and curiousity. He has moves like a cutting horse and I can see him being successful in the show pen, running barrels, or on a working ranch. He definitely shows heart and determination, as well as having correct conformation. We have his full sister on site and although she also started out small, she has grown into one of the tallest yearlings we have with a big chest and nice hip. Should mature 14-15 hands.


Fantacy Girl (Fantacys Last Coo x Bombers Banjo Girl)
Born 5/12/2009


Pixi is 15 hands & stout. Broke to ride but not 100% sound. We’ve only lightly ridden her a few times in the pasture. I was told that she has navicular but I have not confirmed it. She is more sound with shoes and pads on the front, but has been barefoot since I got her. Sometimes she doesn’t have a limp at all and sometimes she does. She’s had 2 foals, a 2021 bay filly by Jaz Buenos Comet, 2022 dunalino colt by Bux Dunit Commando, and has been bred back to Jaz Buenos Comet for a 2023 foal. The foal will be black based. 

She is a dominant mare in a herd. She knows her ground manners well, ties, trailers, good with feet, bathes, not spooky, but doesn’t like her poll touched. She will present herself as a confident boss mare and if a person is not confident around horses, she can be intimidating. She’s always done what I’ve asked and has never hurt anyone.




Powerful Blessing (Mighty Alrighty x Ima Power Tradition)
Born 2008


Casey is broodmare sound only. Chestnut overo, 14.3 hands. She used to be used for competition and gaming events, but sustained a tendon injury on her front left leg. She has good ground manners, bathes, leads, ties, loads, etc. She's a great mother, tends to be low on the pecking order in the herd, and is very food motivated. Her foals all have beautiful heads and are put together perfectly. 




Destinys Millionheir (Codys Millionheir x Docs Dry Destiny)
Born 2014


Ducky has been with us for 2 years and has been getting consistent training and exposure. She can walk, trot, canter, do speed transitions, has an excellent stop, and is a good trail horse. She understands verbal, leg, and weight cues. She's bred to work cows and should do amazing. 

She has a lot of go and walks fast. She may be small, but don't let her size fool you. This little mare has some speed, a heart of gold, and a great disposition. She's attentive, willing, eager to please, never gets pissy, loads, bathes, ties, ground ties (for the most part), and more. She's great in a herd, sitting about in the middle of the pecking order, and has been stabled in the past. 

No bad habits. Ducky is more of a reactive type horse, but not spooky, which is fairly typical of cow bred horses. She's had a lot of desensitizing with various objects, such as plastic bags, whips, drones, rc cars, motorcycles, kids, dogs, farm equipment, and more.  Not recommended for a beginner, although a confident beginner would do ok with a trainer to help finish her. A more experienced horse person is preferred. 



Upcoming 2022 Potential Sales

Powerful Blessing


APHA chestnut overo mare

Not sound - old tendon injury

Fantacy Girl


AQHA red dun mare

Partially sound - Possibly navicular but I haven't verified myself. Sound with shoes/pads.

2022 Foals

Price to be determined after foaling and any color tests.

All foals are 5 panel negative due to parentage.

1. Bux Dunit Commando x Powerful Blessing

Red Dun filly born 4/16/22. Currently retaining.

Color tested: ee Aa Dnd1 

2. Bux Dunit Commando x Worthy of a Cowgirl

Palomino colt born 5/7/22. Available.

3. Bux Dunit Commando x Fantacy Girl

Dunalino colt born 4/19/22. Available.

Color tested: Aa ee Dnd2 nCr

4. Bux Dunit Commando x Shaydee Smokn Pistol

grulla, possibly roan and/or cream, born 7/12/22.

Currently not available.

50% chance roan

85% NFQHA and eligible for registration

5. Bux Dunit Commando x ShezaPaisleySupreme 

Black colt born 7/1/22. Currently not available.

85% NFQHA and eligible for registration