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Photography & Aerial Video

Photos of your horses for personal or business use. 

My son and I share a passion for photography and are willing to take photos of you, your family, and animals. Most of the photos used on this site and in my social media are taken by us, with a few exceptions

Aerial video is captured by my son, Dylan Cate. He has been flying drones for about 7 years, building his own for over a year, and been taking aerial footage for about 4 years. Last year he started a facebook page to help answer questions for others who are just beginning with drones, for building, repairing, and flying.

Please scroll through the portfolio to see some of our  work. 

Flowers on Wood

Stall Cleaning/Feeding

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Flowers on Wood

My son and I also provide stall cleaning and feeding services so that you can spend more time doing other things, such as recover from injuries, take a vacation, or whatever the situation may be. I know from experience how difficult and strenuous it can be to find knowledgeable and experienced horse people to care for your horses. You can rest assured with us as we are responsible horse owners and can provide references if needed.  However, if you're horses are not sufficiently trained or are aggressive, we reserve the right to refuse these services as horses are large animals that can be very dangerous, and I will not put myself or my family in danger. Please ensure that you've done your due diligence in working with your horses as this is not a training service. 



  • Training needs

  • Valuation

  • Breeding suitability

  • Conformation

  • Purchase

  • Horse-person matching

  • Other

If you are unsure of your horse's abilities or training and would like an onsite consultation to learn more about your horse or training needs, we're here to help. This is for on-site or haul-in visits only as we need to visually inspect and/or work with the horse in person to properly evaluate. 

We are always watching the equine market and researching pedigrees. Color genetics are also of great interest and can play a role in placing a value on a horse, as well as genetic diseases and other traits.


$60 for 1 hour consult and  evaluation

$20 for each additional 30 minutes 


$80 for 1 hour consult plus working with the horse

$30 each additional 30 minutes of working with horse

If we travel to you, then the a fuel fee will be charged. The first 10 miles are included.  $.50/mile rate